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Facebook debuts TikTok-like app for creating and sharing rap videos

Now Facebook has launched a new app called ‘Bars’ that will let users share videos of them rapping over premade beats.

So the app provides beats and lets users record 60-second videos rapping their own lyrics, which are then shared in a TikTok-style feed. Now Bars also suggests rhymes as users write out lyrics. So It’s provides audio and visual filters, including an autotune feature.

Bars Video Image

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In fact the bars is a new app that lets you create a high-quality rap in a fun and easy way over hundreds of free beats. Also you can create something great whether you’ve just thought of a dope couplet or have been freestyling for years,” the announcement post on Instagram reads.

Then the app focuses on music in particular, it seems that Bars is another attempt from Facebook to create a TikTok competitor.

So It’s interesting to note that the app resembles TikTok when it comes to the user interface. Now For the instance, there are two tabs called ‘Featured’ and ‘New’ in the app. Then the TikTok, the two tabs are called ‘Following’ and ‘For You.’

Moreover, the engagement buttons are also place on the lower-right corner of the screen with the username on the left side, just like TikTok’s interface. For the instead of liking videos through hearts like on TikTok, tapping on a video in Bars gives it ‘Fire’ through a fire emoji.

In fact the app is currently in closed beta and will only be available on iOS once it launches more widely. So It’s unknown if there will be an Android version anytime soon.


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