Boat Airdrops 601 ANC Review: This device is a great package for music lovers

For music lovers, what is special about this and how is the device. This we will tell you today in our review. Let us know our experience of boAt Airdopes 601 ANC.

New Delhi: You must have an idea of ​​how popular boAt is among music lovers. With the continuous launch of Powerful Products, the company has introduced new TWS earbuds. Which comes with ANC. We are talking about boAt Airdopes 601 ANC. For music lovers, what is special about this and how it is, we are telling you today in our review. Let us know our experience of boAt Airdopes 601 ANC.

boAt Airdopes 601 ANC: Design

As for the charging case of boAt Airdopes 601 ANC earbuds, we liked its size and design. The look is great .. The company has not compromised on the quality of the hair in any way. We got its white model and its matte finish was very nice. It has a Type-C charging port. In this case, you can charge it with any Type-C charger. This earbud can be charged with any 5V charger.

As for the earbuds, they come in a combination of white and turquoise colors. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. They are very nice to look at. This color combination is great. Overall, the Boat Airdopes 601 ANC is a compact and pocketable design. You can carry it anywhere in your pocket. Another feature that will appeal to those who go to the gym or exercise. Has Airdopes 601 ANC IPX4 rating. These protect the earbuds from rain or sweat.

boAt Airdopes 601 ANC – Connectivity, Pairing, Control:

These earbuds in boAt come with the Google Fast Pair feature. With this feature, your Bluetooth device can be connected to all supported Android devices. These devices are automatically connected as soon as you open the case of your phone or other devices. Initially for us during the review
There was a problem connecting to the phone. But, after using it once or twice, no such problem was seen.

It has Bluetooth 5.0. You’ll get the best music experience in boAt Airdopes 601 ANC. No matter what kind of music you like, you will have different kinds of fun. In addition, it also has an in-ear detection feature. This feature works when you pull the earbud out of the ear. The music stops automatically as soon as the earbud is removed from the ear. This music starts automatically when you put it in your ear again.

Boat Airdrops 601 ANC Review:

In addition, the boAt Airdopes 601 ANC comes with swipe and touch controls. We loved his controls. If you want to watch the next episode or listen to the next song, you have to swipe down the left earbud. On the other hand, if you want to watch the previous part or listen to the previous song, you have to swipe up (left earbud). If you want to move the volume up and down, you have to use the right earbud. You have to swipe up the right earbud to turn up the volume. At the same time, you have to swipe down the right earbud to reduce the noise.

If you want to turn on the ANC, which at times becomes very important, you can do it with earbuds. You will have to press the right earbud longer and the ANC mode will start. At the same time, you have to press the right earbud again to turn it on again. You will need to press the left earbud longer if you want to turn on Google Assistant.

boAt Airdopes 601 ANC – Audio quality:

BoAt Airdopes 601 ANC is supported by a 10 mm dynamic driver. Which gives a crystal clear sound. This company always provides a Balanced Base. Its bass is not too heavy so you get a great musical experience. Each earbud has three microphones with 6 microphones for an easy calling experience with ENxTM technology. It has a hybrid noise cancellation feature. Which distinguishes sounds from Backgroaund’s. This will give you excellent sound quality. You will get a different and fun experience with crystal clear sound.

One of the shortcomings noticed is that the volume level is not very high. So if you are a user who likes to listen to songs with low volume, you will love this. But, if you like loud music, you don’t like it very much. Overall, at its price, the device comes with good audio quality and acceptable call quality.

boAt Airdopes 601 ANC – Battery Life and Our Decision:

The company claims that with the boAt Airdopes 601 ANC TWS Earbuds ANC, its music playback can run up to 4.5 hours non-stop. However, if the ANC is off, it lasts 5.5 hours. Battery life is up to 22 hours. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. During the test, we were very impressed with his battery. The company’s claim in this regard can be said to be true. The device does not take long to charge. They charge quickly. The BoAt Airdopes 601 ANC offers up to 60 minutes of playback on just 5 minutes of charging. It is priced at Rs 3,999. Overall this is a good package for the price.

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