Google resumes updates for its iOS apps, beginning with YouTube

Google Updates

Now Google has resumed updating its major iPhone and iPad apps this weekend, starting with YouTube.

Then 9to5Google reports that version 15.49.6 of YouTube for iOS rolled out on February 13th. Then latest update fixes bugs and improves the app’s performance. So, It’s worth noting that most of Google’s iOS apps haven’t been updated since December.

For tech giants may pause updates over the holidays, they usually issue them by mid-January. Then Some have speculated that the lack of updates is an attempt to avoid Apple’s new privacy labels, but Google has denied this claim.

Google updates

Moreover, the tech giant previously outlined in a blog post that “as Google’s iOS apps are updated with new features or to fix bugs, you’ll see updates to AP (App Page)to listings that include the new App Privacy Details. This labels represent the maximum categories of data that could be collected—meaning if you use every available feature and service in the app.”

Apple is requiring app manufacturers to- we are apply these privacy labels before they can update their existing apps, which has received backlash from some companies. Finally we’ll see updates for the iOS versions of Google Photos, Search, Docs, Chrome and Gmail in the next few days or weeks.

Source:- 9to5google

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